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Round Rada Hair Padding Buns

What is the Rada Hair Padding?

Rada Padding Buns are a perfect accessory to create gorgeous hairstyles for weddings or special events. They help to shape the desired hair design and voluminous hair elements, like smooth and sleek chignons. By adding this padding the style holds throughout the day. Rada Padding Buns come in black, brown, and blonde, and in round and oblong shapes. Use them in the base of updos or to create smooth high puffs.


They can also be used to add volume to add volume to fine hair.


These buns can be reused many times. Over time they may start to tear apart, but they can be repaired using Rada Beaute hairnets (or any desired hairnet).

With use in hairstyles, Rada Padding Buns provide extra volume, extra hold, and allows exceptional hairstyles. They are the perfect tool for any woman.


Rada Beaute Hair Padding Buns come in the following types:

  1. Black Round Hair Padding Bun
  2. Black Oblong Hair Padding Bun
  3. Brown Round Hair Padding Bun
  4. Brown Oblong Hair Padding Bun
  5. Blonde Round Hair Padding Bun
  6. Blonde Oblong Hair Padding Bun












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