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Rada Academy

Rada Beaute Academy of Hair & Makeup

Creative and Advanced

Freelance Hair Design and Makeup Art Program

About Rada Academy

Are you looking to start your profitable career in the cosmetologist industry? The Rada Academy Hair Design and Makeup Art Program delivers every pillar required to be successful in this industry. Our programs combine comprehensive theoretical and hands-on training, led by our award-winning instructors. You will develop your makeup artistry abilities, hair design creativity and technique, while building the confidence to work with real clients. Our Academy setting is designed to teach students the depth of the beauty industry, facilitating essential skills and techniques necessary to shine in the world of beauty, advance hairstyling, makeup, bridal, fashion, television and editorial styling. The program is 70-90 hours split into 35-45 hours of Makeup Artistry and 30-35 hours of Hair Design, instructed over four, one week sessions. Upon completion, you will have gained in-depth knowledge, practical skills, the start of your professional portfolio and a certificate that qualifies you to work as a freelance Hair & Makeup artist.

About The Course Presenter, Rada Sarn

“I have won 14 awards in my long beauty career and continue to compete and challenge myself everyday. The overwhelming number of requests to share my knowledge and experience humbles me. Because of my amazing success as a salon owner and director, I have been able to develop the Picasso Academy, with the dream to inspire the same passion and success in a new generation of artists. I have taught several classes over the recent years and I love every minute of it!”

Building your path to the future!

Why Choose Rada Academy?

The Rada Academy is designed to help you turn your love and passion for the beauty industry into a fruitful career. Whether you are a seasoned professional, or just starting your artistry career, The Rada Academy provides the education, confidence and hands on practice you need. We combine theory with applied practice in an open and collaborative setting, providing a well-rounded understanding of theoretic knowledge in cosmetology, hair styling, make up artistry and design.

The Rada Academy provides the education, confidence and hands on practice necessary to become successful. We combine theory with applied practice in an open and collaborative setting, providing a well-rounded understanding of theoretic knowledge in cosmetology, hair styling, make up artistry and design.

As a student, you will benefit from knowledge of the cosmetologist rules, industry standards and gain confidence to work in this industry. Newcomers to cosmetology will appreciate the clear, extensive instruction and will walk away with an in-depth understanding of hair styling and makeup artistry.

We explain current beauty trends, hairstyles, and proper makeup application processes using the right tools and techniques. By the end of the four weeks, our goal is to extend our passion and enthusiasm towards the art of beauty, to you—while providing you the tools and skills to start your career.

The RADA BEAUTE’ Academy Programs are committed to delivering education excellence while awakening the passion of the artist within everyone. Through comprehensive and hands-on training by our award-winning instructors, you will learn how to develop your hair and makeup artistry skills and to build confidence in your work environment by taking advanced training to help towards a profitable career in the cosmetologist industry. Our Academy setting is designed to teach our students the depth of the beauty industry.


Listed below is all the information about our upcoming classes:

Pro Hair Design & Makeup Art Programs
Classes are held Mondays-Tuesdays

Only 2 – 6 Students Per Class
Hair Coloring advance skill level classes.

All of our Hair Coloring, Highlighting, Balayage, Ombre & Blowout Classes are offered only to whom students hold professional certificate with cosmetology and would like to advance their skills in the growing beauty industry.

Duration for each individual advance hair coloring classes are 10 – 20 hours, depending on the student’s requirements.

We also offer private classes for personal hair & makeup skills, along with professional Hair & Makeup learning to advance your skills. Duration for personal classes is 8 hours.

35-45 Hour Hair Design Freelance Artist Pro Course

This specialized course on hair design covers basic to elaborate hair curling, styling and pinning techniques. You will learn and develop skills to prep hair for any desired hairstyle, while learning hairstyling procedures on a variety of hair types to work with your clients in achieving the perfect look. Our award-winning instructors will provide in depth knowledge on using styling tools and professional hair products so you know which tools are best when curating your designs. You will then work with an instructor one on one on your hair mannequin to refine and perfect your technique. You will learn:

  • Hair preparation, including hot tools
  • Basic knowledge of hair curling with curling irons, flat irons, and hot rollers
  • Working with real clip in extensions, synthetic hairpieces and custom hair stuffing pieces
  • Product knowledge including hairspray, shine spray, pomades and much more
  • Total of 15+  hairstyles
  • Half up and down and full down hairstyles
  • High and low, side-swept, chignon hairstyles
  • Braid/Prandi hair styles
  • Traditional Indian and Western bridal up do with hair extensions and synthetic hair pieces
  • Using ornamentation, flowers and traditional jewelry to enhance and perfect hairstyles
After each learning activity, students will practice and recreate all the learning outcomes in the classroom environment with their instructor.

35-45 Hour Makeup Art Freelance Artist Pro Course

This specialized course on makeup artistry covers daytime casual soft glowing to glamorous evening makeup techniques. You will learn fundamental makeup methods step by step, gaining knowledge of all skin types. With our clear and hands-on instruction, you will acquire expertise in foundation application, highlighting and contouring, including concealing the under-eye area and unpigmented skin. Our award-winning instructors will teach you how to apply eye shadow priming, application and blending shadow colours, while also teaching liquid and pencil eyeliner methods to refine the look of your client. Learn how to enhance the beauty of lips, eyelashes and blush with techniques focused on false eyelash application, custom blush blending, and our unique lip liner and lipstick techniques. This module will enhance and expand your knowledge of current beauty products and its application in professional salon settings. Our instructors will demonstrate all the essentials of makeup artistry on top of our award-winning practices in non-bridal and bridal daytime or evening makeup techniques. You will learn, practice and develop:

  • Skin care and skin preparation basics for makeup applications
  • Skin type and face shape analysis
  • Primer, foundation application, matching foundation shades, and contouring techniques for unique face shapes
  • Product knowledge and usage, such as blending, stippling, concealing imperfections and more
  • Proper product usage, such as gel liner, liquid liner or pencil liner
  • False lash applications
  • Bridal and non-bridal looks
  • Glamour day and evening makeup application
  • Natural look makeup, transitioning to:
  • Evening glamour/Smokey eye makeup
  • Airbrush applications
After each learning activity, students will practice and recreate all the learning outcomes in the classroom environment with their instructor.

Business & Marketing Support

Our Founder Rada took her inspiration and passion for the beauty industry and turned it into a successful business in Salon Picasso. Like Rada’s inspiration turned to success, we want your passion and skills launched into a successful career as we teach you the business essentials in this industry. We cover topics on self-employment, promotion, and working in professional salons. By program completion you will be prepared in all areas to be a successful Hair and Makeup artist.

Enrollment Information

Registration: Applicants must be 16 or older and purchase of the Hair Design & Makeup kit is required. Full payment of the kit is required, while a 50% deposit of the program fee is required upon registration.

To register please email or call us to schedule a course registration appointment.

Credentials:  Upon program completion, you will receive a Certificate allowing you to qualify as a Freelance Hair & Makeup Artist in the cosmetology industry. The Certificate includes perks to let you apply for discount pro cards in several beauty stores. (Follow their procedures for the discount). We do not provide attestation towards eligibility for pro membership cards.

Course Text and Resources: Students will be provided a textbook and a cosmetologist practice manual consisting of current trends in hair and makeup. Resources on different hair and makeup products will be provided.

Course Activities: This course is delivered in a classroom environment with students working on live models, hair mannequins, individually and in pairs.

Photo Shoot & Final Assessment: The last day of each module consists of a final assessment of the Hair Design and Makeup Artistry Program learning outcomes. You are required to bring a hair and makeup model, as you will be creating a full, glamourous look involving hair, make up and dressing service. Your level of comfort will dictate the style you choose for hair and make up, but rest assured! Instruction and help will be provided by our instructor prior and during a photo-shoot session. A professional portrait of the model is taken at the end of this class.

The Course Kits Description:

Hair Design

All Professional Hair Brands: Mint, Scruple, Rada Beaute Hair Extrnsions & Hot tools

What's Included...
Curling iron 1 inch 1
Curling iron 1 ¼ inch 1
Professional hot roller set 1
One set of 250 gram 22’ inch Remy top quality clip in Rada Beaute luxury hair extensions 1
One mannequin and stand 1 of each item
Styling comb and sectioning clips 1 of each item
Hair detangle brush 1
Two towels 2
Hair pomade 1
Hair bobby pins box 1” length (black or brown) 1
Hair bobby pins box 2” length (black or brown)1 1
Hair pins (black or brown) 1
Hair spray 2
Hair shine spray 1

Makeup Art Program 

Rada Beaute, Mac, and Morphe Makeup Products

What's Included...
Professional makeup brush set 1
 Liquid foundations 5 of each color
 Makeup pro hard case kit 1
 Eye shadow pallets 2
 Blush pallets 1 of each item
 Concealer and contouring pallets 1 of each item
 Liquid and pencil black & brown eyeliner 1 of each item
 Color correctors & face primer 1 of each item
 5 colors of lip liners 5
 5 colors of lip sticks 5
Bronzer 1
Mascara 1
Disposable mascara wands 1 pack
False eyelashes 4 sets
Makeup sponges 1 pack
Q-tips 1 pack
Eyelash curlers 1
Tweezers 1
Spatula 1
Tray for foundation 1


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