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1205: Professional Hair Scalp Care Program

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About this Program:

In this Program you will learn the fundamentals of hair and scalp care along with all in between. Learn how to properly wash hair prepare clients for any service. In this program we provide knowledge of sanitation and decontamination, infection control, the structure and composition of the hair, chemical agents and classifications, and so much more. After reading this PDF you will be ready to preform any service safely and effectively.


This Program includes the following Modules and Education

Module 1: Study of Cosmetology and History of Hair Art

  • Introduction of Beauty and Cosmetology
  • Interpret the Psychology of Success
  • Client Consultation
  • Body Shape & Hair Texture

Module 2: Scalp Care & Study

  • Identify the two most basic requirements for scalp care
  • Demonstrate a scalp massage during a shampoo service
  • Examine the difference and similarities of treating scalp and hair that is dry, oily, and or affected by dandruff
  • Describe how hair brushing contributes to a healthy scalp

Module 3: Draping & Service Procedure

  • Draping for Wet, Chemical & Dry Hair Service
  • Three Step Preparation & Service Procedure
  • Greeting the client for Hair Service
  • Hair Brushing Procedure


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