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1207: Professional Hair Coloring Program

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About this Program:

In this course you will learn and apply your knowledge; Identifying Natural Hair Color and Tone, Types of Hair color, Client Consultation, Principles and Techniques of Temporary, Semi permanent, Permanent Colors, Lightening, Tinting, Toning, Highlighting, Special Effects, Hair color Safety Precautions, and Color Procedures.


This Program includes the following Modules and Education

Module 1: Education About Hair Coloring
Module 2: Hair Coloring Service & Consultation
Module 3: Hair coloring with Single Color Application
Module 4: Root & Single Full Hair Color Procedure
Module 5: Partial Foil Application & Toner Hair Color
Module 6: Partial Highlights & Base Hair Color (Mid Length)
Module 7: Full Head Highlights Hair Coloring
Module 8: Partial Highlights & Base Color for Short Hair
Module 9: Hair Lightening & Toner Hair Coloring
Module 10: Partial Highlights Touch up & with Lowlights 

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