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Maple Irish Cream Weave Hair Extensions

Rada Beaute Weave extensions:

Weave extensions are 100% Indian Remy Double Drawn hair woven on a thick band of thread to hold hair in place. Our weave extensions are made to add volume with extravagant length that lasts for days to months.

What is the process to put in extensions?

Rada Weave Hair Extension application is performed by Salon professionals for the best results. Placing weave extensions in hair can be accomplished by adding small cornrows and weaving the top of the cornrows with a professional grade weave extension thread and needle. Weave extensions can be applied by micro beads as well. (By salon professionals only.)

What comes in a package of Rada Weave Hair Extensions?

180 grams of double drawn, Indian Remy hair, sewn onto a thick band of thread.

How many packages of extensions do I need for my hair type?

One package of Rada Weave Extensions is enough for a full service on fine to medium hair types. Weave extensions must be trimmed in rows from the bottom to the top of the head, based on head shape. This should be done for each application.

More about Rada Beaute Hair Extensions

  • Rada Beaute hair extensions are of the highest quality, using 100% real Indian Remy human hair extensions without any synthetic or animal hair. 
  • Chemical-free treated hair cuticles to protect against hair tangle to prevent tangling and substantially prolong hair extensions' lifespan.
  • Soft, smooth and healthy hair, even after several washes.
  • Greater volume with these fuller and longer hair extensions. 
  • Depending on the care taken, hair life is 6-12 months.

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