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What has Rada been up to?

What has Rada been up to?

The Hair and Makeup industry has always fascinated everyone and influenced a variety of trends. Lately with the rise of Instagram and other social media tools, the industry has gotten a major boost worldwide. In today’s time, hair and makeup is not only about making you look good, it is about self-care, inner happiness, confidence and educating oneself on the latest tricks and products that can enhance your life. It is seen as another form of creative and visual art.

With the dream of blending hair, beauty and art together, Rada Sarn Sidhu founded Salon Picasso in 2003 at Abbotsford. Rada was introduced to the profession by family friends; she was fascinated with the work and demands of the industry and got instantly hooked. She got herself a certified degree in the field and gained practical experience at a local salon to further her stand in the industry. Today, Rada is the proud founder of one of the top hair and beauty salons in British Columbia. “We are providing and meeting all our client’s beauty needs at the current standards of the industry. Salon Picasso caters to both Western and Ethnic customers,” says the beauty guru who has over 20 years experience in the Hair and Makeup industry.

Equipped with the latest, award-winning techniques and backed with a team of industry experts, Salon Picasso offers a wide range of services: haircuts, colouring, colour corrections, extensions, waxing, up-dos, makeup, and bridal packages. The exceptional customer service and creativity exhibited by Rada and her team has won them many awards in makeup design, styling and colouring as well as international recognition. “I have won 14 awards in my long beauty career and continue to compete and challenge myself everyday,” reveals Rada.

What sets Rada above the rest of the professional beauty experts in the region is her desire to share industry knowledge and methods to interested individuals. With this desire in mind, the talented artist opened Rada Beaute Academy at Salon Picasso in January 2018. “As a little girl my dream was to be a teacher and I am now fulfilling that dream through the academy as an instructor and beauty advisor.”

To be an educator, Rada juggled full-time work, family and studies to acquire a professional certification as an instructor.

The Academy is open to anyone aged 16 and above, with or without any experience in the beauty industry. “We have courses for beginners and experienced professionals,” points out Rada. The Hair Design and Makeup Art Programs combine comprehensive theoretical and hands-on training, led by award-winning instructors. The Academy setting is designed to teach students the depth of the beauty industry, facilitating essential skills and techniques necessary to excel in beauty, advance hairstyling, makeup, bridal, fashion, television and editorial styling. The program is 90 hours split into 45 hours of Makeup Artistry and 45 hours of Hair Design, instructed over four, one week sessions. Upon completion, a student will have gained in-depth knowledge, practical skills, the start of one’s professional portfolio and a certificate that qualifies the student to work as a freelance Hair and Makeup artist. “We are engaging with our students and helping them one-on-one so that they succeed in their careers. Their success means the school is succeeding. I want to give our industry more efficient, beauty artists,” shares Rada.

The response rate towards the programs offered at Rada Academy has been tremendous and the results have been outstanding. “The overwhelming number of requests to share my knowledge and experience humbles me. Because of my amazing success as a salon owner and director, I have been able to develop the Academy, with the dream to inspire the same passion and success in a new generation of artists. I have taught several classes over the recent years and I love every minute of it!”

If you are interested in the Hair and Makeup profession and are seeking first-rate education, then Rada Beaute Academy is your ideal choice. Call Salon Picasso today for information on various programs and registration.

Programs offered at Rada Beaute Academy

Pro Hair Design and Makeup Art Program

This course is offered to students who hold a professional certificate on cosmetology and are interested in advancing their skills in the growing beauty industry.

45 Hour Hair Design Freelance Artist Pro Program

This specialized course on hair design covers basic to elaborate hair curling, styling and pinning techniques. You will learn and develop skills to prep hair for any desired hairstyle, while learning hairstyling procedures on a variety of hair types to work with your clients in achieving the perfect look.

45 Hour Makeup Art Freelance Artist Pro Program

This specialized course on makeup artistry covers daytime casual soft glowing to glamorous evening makeup techniques. You will learn fundamental makeup methodsstep by step, gaining knowledge of all skin types. With our clear and hands-on instruction, you will acquire expertise in foundation application, highlighting and contouring, including concealing the under-eye area and unpigmented skin.

Rada Beaute Academy


#102-33386 South Fraser Way Abbotsford, BC V2S 2B5



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